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"When Captain P.M. Møller took command of his first steamer the s.s. "Laura" in 1886, her black funnel was ringed with a blue band with a white seven-pointed star on each side.

While accompanying her husband on a voyage years earlier, his wife Anna Møller had suffered a serious illness, which left a lasting impression on the deeply religious captain, who felt himself to be responsible. In a letter to his wife in October 1886, he explained the background for the company's new emblem: "The little star on the funnel is a reminder of the evening I prayed for you so dejectedly and anxiously, asking for the sign that I might see in the grey, overcast sky, a reminder that the Lord hears our prayers".

The "Laura" kept the star until the ship was sold in 1909 and, when The Steamship Company Svendborg (Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet Svendborg) was founded in 1904, the white seven-pointed star on a sky-blue background also became the funnel emblem for ships of the new company, which acquired a similar house flag.

The A.P. Moller - Maersk Group is a worldwide organisation with more than 110,000 employees and offices in over 125 countries – with global headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In addition to owning one of the world’s largest shipping companies, we are also involved in a wide range of activities within the energy, shipbuilding, retail and manufacturing industries. More detailed information about all our business areas is available here.

It is our mission to provide genuine long-term competitive advantages to our customers by providing them with the most cost-efficient reefer containers in the market place.

We will use innovation to provide our customers with reefer containers that increase their earnings potential and decreasing handling and logistics costs. And we will use innovation in broad terms to establish competitive advantages in all fields.

We will improve the profitability and use our financial strength to invest in genuine benefits for our customers and to provide our employees with a safe and secure work environment.

We will conduct our business with due respect for the environment.
By maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards for everything we do, we will make it a safe and secure decision to place business with Maersk Container Industrias

Maersk Line, Limited implements and manages logistics models at any stage of mission deployment, drawing on a rich military tradition and experience with the world's most sophisticated supply chains. We offer commercially proven system integration techniques to optimize both CONUS and OCONUS logistics using the best means of transportation while enabling unmatched asset visibility.

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